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Band info

Bandwidth varies considerably based on factors such as information rate, frequency shift, etc., but some typical values are:

Signal type Typical bandwidth
 PSK31 30-70 Hz
 Morse code (CW)  10-150 Hz
 Radioteletype (RTTY) 170-250 Hz
 MFSK16  316 Hz  
 HF Packet (300 baud) 500 Hz
 AMTOR 800 Hz
 Single sideband voice (SSB)  2-3 kHz
 Slow-scan television (SSTV)  2-3 kHz
 Amplitude modulated voice (AM) 6 kHz
 Frequency modulated voice (FM)  10-15 kHz
 VHF/UHF Packet (1200-9600 baud)  5-15 kHz
 Fast-scan television  6 MHz

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